Wall Perforated Plate

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  • Diameter: 7.1" (18cm)
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  • High quality onion porcelain now on sale, traditional wall plate decoration for your home
  • This porcelain product can be used as a food serving tray, and it is available in a set for a discounted price - contact us for more details
  • Used for home design, traditional porcelain decoration, wedding gift, kitchen apparel, tableware set, wall porcelain decoration
  • This product is guaranteed by the Association of Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic as a “Czech Product"
  • Porcelain was designed and hand-made in the Czech Republic
  • The traditional onion porcelain symbolizes the European culture
  • Dishwasher and microwave friendly

Onion Porcelain

The term “onion porcelain” is a symbol and notion of delicate beauty, linking usability with delight for the heart and representative of singularity and worldwide fame. There is no other decoration and shape which would be so much preferred for almost 300 years.