“Blue Onion” Traditional Czech Porcelain Decor

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Traditional design brought to you from Europe

This wonderful piece of traditional porcelain plate is produced in the Bohemian region of the Czech republic. The always-fashionable color combination of blue and white color of the Blue onion design will be a great addition to any home decor as a display piece or to any table setting. You will be always amazed by the details of Oriental inspired art decor transformed into this European style porcelain. 

Blue Onion Porcelain

The term “onion porcelain” is a symbol and notion of delicate beauty, linking usability with delight for the heart and representative of singularity and worldwide fame. This fine porcelain tableware pattern for dishware originally manufactured since the 18th century, represents the tradition of European style influenced by East Asian design elements of the Fine China Porcelain.

  • Available in two different dimensions: Ø Diameter 8.3" (21 cm) and Ø Diameter 9.5" (24 cm)
  • Online purchase, guaranteed free shipping all over the U.S., optional overnight shipping
  • High quality onion porcelain, traditional food or decorative plate for your home
  • Good for home design, traditional porcelain decoration, wedding gift, kitchen apparel or as a tableware set 
  • This product is guaranteed by the Association of Glass and Ceramic Industry of the Czech Republic as a “Czech Product" 
  • Porcelain was designed and hand-made in the Czech Republic
  • The traditional onion porcelain symbolizes the European culture
  • Dishwasher and microwave friendly


  • Product features
      • BLUE ONION PORCELAIN: Typical blue onion pattern represents the tradition of European style meeting classical East Asian elements of Fine Porcelain
      • HIGHEST QUALITY DISHWARE: Using traditional technique, this blue onion porcelain piece will serve you for endless days.
      • BEAUTIFUL DETAILS AND DESIGN: The decor is based on stylish plant motives on the background of the East Asian philosophy.
      • USE: Wonderful as a gift for special occasions such as Wedding, Anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving or as a beautiful dinnerware.
      • TRADITION: This traditional porcelain is part of the first production of the European porcelain, and has been popular for more than 300 years.